Optical coatings manufactured by our partner OCJ

Since 2019, chance4change offers optical coatings manufactured by the Japanese company Optical Coatings Japan (OCJ). The company OCJ is a highly specialized and capable provider of optical coatings since almost 60 years and is dedicated to utmost quality standards.


OCJ produces technologically advanced optical coatings for OEM components, in part by means of specific coating processes developed in-house. More than 60 specialized coating chambers cover the wavelength ranges of IV, VIS, NIR and IR and are optimized for applications with laser light or other light sources. OCJ is known for best in class solutions for laser optics and fluorescence/ Raman analysis.


The company OCJ develops and produces coatings such as AR, HR, TR, band filters or line filters, blocking filters, filters for spectroscopy, laser mirrors as well as coatings according to customer requirements. The production site in Thailand allows the production of highly cost-competitive IR filters.

You can find further information here: https://www.ocj.co.jp/en/applications/tabid/96/Default.aspx


Special filters had been developped for the UV sterilization:


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