In 2020, the chance4change GmbH & Co. KG celebrates its twentieth anniversary. In all those years, we supplied numerous customers with OEM-components and optical systems for diverse applications. Here you can find some examples of the areas we already became involved in. Please feel free to contact us for cost-effective offers on products of supreme quality and with short delivery times.




Precision optics within the aerospace sector require technically sophisticated optical designs, narrow manufacturing tolerances and coatings with excellent transmission properties. We supply our customers with components, mirrors and filters from UV range to near IR area with special optical coatings such as ITO or structured chrome.





ESO/F. Char
ESO/F. Char

Automotive industry


For our customers in the automotive industry, we develop OEM-components of supreme quality with competitive prices. In particular, our performance profile encloses head-up displays (design, prototypes, components), components for innovative lighting tasks, objectives, polymer optics, light projection as well as wafer.



Laser optics


Our portfolio comprises products such as F-Theta objectives, cylindrical lenses, off-axis parabolic mirrors, polarization optics, LDI-objectives as well as coatings for laser optics with high damage threshold and steep edges.



Medical technology


Our customers in the medical technology sector rely on us concerning the design and acquisition of their challenging optical solutions – we take care of their projects from design studies to serial production. Such projects, for instance, include the development of objectives with liquid lens. For endoscopes, we deliver small prisms and lenses with diameters less than 1 mm.


Machine Vision


Our experiences in the machine vision sector make us the ideal contact partner for your product requests in this field of application.  So far, our performance profile especially encloses the conception and realization of objectives with liquid lenses as well as objectives with Direct Light Processing (DLP)-Chip und Laser-/ LED-illumination, furthermore polarization optics and cylindrical lenses.


Structure generated with an LDI-objektive
Structure generated with an LDI-objektive

Measurement technology/ analytics


Also in the field of measurement technology/ analytics, we already supervised numerous projects, for examply by supplying specific beamsplitters or photolitographically structured Cr-coated wafers.






Our performance portfolio for the biometry sector includes amongst others the conception and cost-effective delivery of infrared-filters as well as prisms with spherical surfaces.





Long-range optics


For our customers within the sector of long-range optics, we deliver OEM components such as coated prisms, lenses and beamsplitters in high quality.

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